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What does DS mean? It stands for Darling Son

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Michelle Obama, Ds' most effective messenger, just wrapped up her surrogate role for '16. She didn't say Trump's name out loud 1x all year.

Democrats are losing the argument with Americans, so they bring in foreigners to vote for them. 400k FL Ds now Rs -

But list of hurdles goes on and on. HRC and Dems highly organized. Early vote. Top Ds hitting trail. FBI news also enthusing D voters...

Re-upping this: Why Congress should investigate Russian meddling in 2016 election. (Where are the Ds?)

Makasih yaa hari ini Jangan Lupa DS sesi 1;) HS di tempat kelahiran. BANDUUNG DIGOYAAANG.

"If we beat Trumpism in Arizona, that could mean its long term death." Ds and Rs talk about the war for AZ:

Jangan lupa yaa ada DS di theater >.< sini merapat..aku sesi 2 nih, skrg masih sesi 1

If Trump wins by a few EVs, just watch - Ds and some in the media will call on Electoral College to reverse the results and vote for Hill.

"J'ai un atout ds ma vie politique, je ne change pas de convictions tous les 4 matins selon les sondages!" #PointPol

Another GOP win in a House race Ds thought they could win. Carlos is a rising GOP star.

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If Comey news didn't tank Clinton, but stopped her from becoming runaway train, losers may be down-ballot Ds who needed her margin maxed out

In Clarke Cnty Nevada, Trump sues 2 throw out votes. In Durham, Ds sue to allow more ppl 2 vote. Any questions?

.@rickhasen: court ordering RNC to turn over poll watching plans "biggest election law victory" for Ds in last month

"I wasn't inclined to back guy vowing Muslim ban/mass deportations, but now I am because Ds look down on me." -- No Trump voter anywhere

Calibration needed for Trump -Media will normalize -Ds will be outraged But ideol. objections must be separated from norm/legal violations

At Diwali party last night, Biden says Ds ignored working class voters - and they're not racist. Shot via my iPhone.

on a scale of 1-10 how hard/difficult is it to record Nintendo DS stuff.

FLOTUS: This is not abt Rs vs Ds, none of that matters this time around. This elex is abt something much bigger. Who will shape our children

Mario Kart hit its prime on the DS. FACTS.


Most popular questions

What does DS stand for?

DS stands for "Darling Son"

How to abbreviate "Darling Son"?

"Darling Son" can be abbreviated as DS

What is the meaning of DS abbreviation?

The meaning of DS abbreviation is "Darling Son"

What does DS mean?

DS as abbreviation means "Darling Son"

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