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What does STFU mean? It stands for Shut The Fuck Up

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Let me be clear, every time one of you tells me to STFU, I grow more motivated and determined to STAND THE F*CK UP!

Media & Hollywood can pretty much STFU about rape culture when NYT/Vox/WaPost/Buzzfeed remain silent about "Rape Melania" protest signs

And To Everyone Saying You're Guna Move Out Of The Country If Trump Wins, Y'all Cant Even Move Out Your Parents Crib So Stfu Lol

Can't stand tweets like "ah, everyone's a politician all of a sudden". Just STFU. People have every right to express their frustration.

I know some of you self-soothe w cynicism, but if Chelsea Clinton wants to run for Congress, stfu about it. We need all the help we can get.

Today is a beautiful day to stfu and keep your opinion to yourself. #ElectionNight

Or STFU acting Like u care about Us, U employment, Schools, health or anything. If you don't free our men u care nothing for our community

dude you spent years inciting anti-black violence by running stories nonstop on black on white crime STFU

@Midalioness7 he didn't call black men super predators & institute prison military industrial complex like Clintons did. stfu

If you ever doubted whether or not misogyny is still a thing, you can STFU now. This is what it looks like. This is America.

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Seriously stfu...

You Drumpf supporters either have to own the corruption of your own candidate or stfu

I'm starting The Coalition of People Who Just Want Their Uber Drivers to STFU. Join me in this important cohort.

Kellyanne, your candidate and his campaign have encouraged violence for 17 months. Stfu.

Y'all make twitter so lame with being overly woke. Stfu and let people have fun damn. I miss the old Twitter so much!

why are people so narrow minded?! just stfu and be entertained!

Okay, can someone tell this Tim Ryan guy to STFU and get to work speaking out on Trump. An anti-choices is never gonna be minority leader.

Heard some chumps weren't excited about this Horkey THE WITCH print out of MondoCon. Such ppl should promptly STFU.

at least sugar daddies understand if they want u stunting on their arm, they gotta provide or stfu.


Most popular questions

What does STFU stand for?

STFU stands for "Shut The Fuck Up"

How to abbreviate "Shut The Fuck Up"?

"Shut The Fuck Up" can be abbreviated as STFU

What is the meaning of STFU abbreviation?

The meaning of STFU abbreviation is "Shut The Fuck Up"

What does STFU mean?

STFU as abbreviation means "Shut The Fuck Up"

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