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What does ETC mean? It stands for Et Cetera

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Hillary Clinton will end up winning the popular vote by OVER 2 MILLION people - more than Gore, JFK, Nixon etc. Over 2. MILLION. PEOPLE.

I appeal to AAP volunteers all over the country to help people standing in long queues at banks in filling forms, offering water etc

What's sad is Dems will blame Comey and call Republicans bigots. Instead of acknowledge flawed candidate, Obamacare, unemployment, etc.

For those who dont get it: $1 trillion of investment value disappearing means $1 trillion less 4 house sales, construction, retirement, etc.

A pundit's job is to predict/give useful analysis. So how are all these "Trump will never win!" still employed by @foxnews @msnbc, etc?

Why would anyone say #ThankYouObama without being sarcastic? Obama care is a rip off. He's set race relations back 50 years. Etc., etc.

Trump would not pass a background check to work in the intel community--blackmail possibilities, financial shadiness, etc. Think about that.

In this demonetisation exercise, the goodness of many people is coming through. Citizens, hospitals etc. Why doesn't media highlight this?

A "mistake" Mistry committed was to stop $m of Tata & Sons donation to New York Metmuseum, French and British,etc., & gave deserving Indians

Twitter segregation is here. Under their rules disagreeing with a woman, POC, trans, etc. is harassment.

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I can't help feeling that when Lefties called Mitt Romney, the mildest of men, racist fascist etc, they drained those words of any meaning.

Funny how press is more outraged about being shut out of Trump's travels, than about his attacks on women, Latinos, blacks, Muslims, etc

And then there was the way media allowed themselves to be played by Wikileaks, Comey, etc when it was obvious what was happening 6/

Writers of color, LGBQT writers, Muslim, Immigrant & women writers: if you'd like free editorial advice, how/where to pitch, etc, hit me up.

Created our first event in London, etc there is so much man & tbh, none of this would have been possible without you all. #ForeverThankfull

The happiest people I've talked to lately have picked 1 threatened right (voting, contraception, etc.) and volunteered to fight for it.

Questioning the necessity of press pool means questioning the public's right to know president/president elect's whereabouts, meetings, etc

One thing I won't do over the next 50 months: Normalize Trump's xenophobia, religious bigotry, denigration of women, racism, etc.

.@sardesairajdeep called parties like BSP, SP, RJD etc opposing demonetisation as a coalition of corrupt. There is an element of truth in it


Most popular questions

What does ETC stand for?

ETC stands for "Et Cetera"

How to abbreviate "Et Cetera"?

"Et Cetera" can be abbreviated as ETC

What is the meaning of ETC abbreviation?

The meaning of ETC abbreviation is "Et Cetera"

What does ETC mean?

ETC as abbreviation means "Et Cetera"

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