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Big Fucking Deal
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What does BFD mean? It stands for Big Fucking Deal

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This is a BFD. You all did this. YOU DID THIS! But our work is not over yet... #Eyewitness

As @JoeBiden says, this is a #bfd - @realDonaldTrump leads @HillaryClinton in 6 states @BarackObama carried twice

.@JoeBiden with @MomsDemand volunteers today in Pennsylvania #gunsense #BFD

The power to decide if and when to get pregnant is a BFD. Join me and Bedsider in saying #ThxBirthControl today.

There is a very real chance Comey's first letter costs Ds the Senate even if Hillary wins. That'd be a BFD.

I must read this. Because that goddamn 1978 homer over the monster haunted my whole 5th grade year. #BFD

Isn't quite a thing to actually grab women by their vajayjays? #sayingvsdoing #BFD

ICMYI: France is getting rid of plastic plates and cups. This is a BFD

Should we start revealing some of these iBUYPOWER Black Friday deals? #BFD

RT @Bedsider The power to decide if and when to get pregnant is a BFD. #ThxBirthControl

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While obviously BFD Trump won't renounce birther campaign he championed, not like there's any believable way for him to walk it back either

So corporations have to pay more for a drug. BFD. Now I have permanent income stream to spend on R&D no one will do.

Fire started on roof, where construction work was being done, according to a BFD firefighter #berkeley

This is a BFD. Cc @fredwilson

This is, in the eloquent phrasing of Joe Biden, a BFD.

But seriously, the United States determining that Russian war planes committed a war crime in striking UN aid convoy is a BFD.

POLICE TRAINING: 9/27 early morning BPD,BFD and @BrewsterEMS will be conducting training at the South Shore Plaza. Will end by 10AM opening.

We can all relax: BFD reports fire alarm on Prospect was due to "smoke from a little oregano altar" #OnlyInBerkeley??? #unconfirmed #scanner

This is a BFD. cc @rojospinks


Most popular questions

What does BFD stand for?

BFD stands for "Big Fucking Deal"

How to abbreviate "Big Fucking Deal"?

"Big Fucking Deal" can be abbreviated as BFD

What is the meaning of BFD abbreviation?

The meaning of BFD abbreviation is "Big Fucking Deal"

What does BFD mean?

BFD as abbreviation means "Big Fucking Deal"

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