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can't stop smiling
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What does CSS mean? It stands for can`t stop smiling

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Punjabi bureaucrats, who did CSS thinking of "public service"should preserve this photo as part of their achievement

Today in 1865, on the Mersey, UK, the final Confederate flag lowered in US Civil War. CSS Shenandoah was last Rebel combat unit to surrender

.@ThePracticalDev Our new house also has CSS issues.

10. President @UKenyatta should condemn this act of his CSs asking for a bribe in form of facilitation fees #KiunjuriAnotherWaiguru

Do you like refactoring? A slide deck by @csswizardry on refactoring CSS, namespaces and refactoring tunnels.

Los cambios realizados x el Director de la CSS al contrato millonario del Foro no cambia nada, es dinero del pueblo q esta siendo mal usado.

Hold & Secure at St. Francis Xavier CSS - large number of students gathered around @ Bristol/Hurontario possible weapon seen.

En estas condiciones entrega la CSS estas pastillas a una paciente.

Director Giron, debe irse para su casa ya. Crisis en CSS peor. Sin medicinas, mal servicio, malgastando recursos

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A quick reference to important #CSS syntax, selectors, properties, and other useful info:

This great guide covers what you need to know to go from #CSS novice to CSS pro.

The US suspects Iran-backed Houthis used Chinese-built C-802 anti-ship missile (NATO reporting name CSS-N-8 Saccade)

Disappointing CSS results leave students, top recruiter shell-shocked

Ahh! Getting a demo of the upcoming CSS grid Dev tools in Firefox from @gabrielluong

So let's build an animated "doughnut" progress bar animation, with CSS, SVG and <canvas>.

Imperative languages, while more powerful than declarative, are also more fragile. HTML and CSS are more resilient than JavaScript. #AEAORL

Proposal to replace CSS with PCP (Paint-Can Precedence): PCP stickers, writes CSS is dead blog post*


Most popular questions

What does CSS stand for?

CSS stands for "can't stop smiling"

How to abbreviate "can't stop smiling"?

"can't stop smiling" can be abbreviated as CSS

What is the meaning of CSS abbreviation?

The meaning of CSS abbreviation is "can't stop smiling"

What does CSS mean?

CSS as abbreviation means "can't stop smiling"

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