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What does FWIW mean? It stands for For What It`s Worth

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But fwiw, #NFL commissioner Goodell really wants to keep team in Oakland. To the point he's working with city separately from the team.

WaPo's @jribas snapped a pic of the Trump TV riser spot, for all you Skeptical Sallys. No comment from campaign fwiw

To Bautista-bashers who believe he said umps are screwing the #BlueJays in ALCS, he also said this, FWIW:

this is the next generation ppl told us about. fwiw, of course.

Filed to FWIW: Drake, seated courtside here at Staples and last night at Oracle, flew here on the Warriors team...

this is not feeling like a town hall fwiw

I'm sure it doesn't help now but FWIW: "What the heck went wrong with Sunday's forecast"

(The 7 Line runs all night FWIW.)

His team could point to 1st debate where he said he would respect the election result no matter what it is (FWIW) 2/2

Please read this, esp if you're a political journo. FWIW, I think #17 is close to the truth, but definitely not all.

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@Hadas_Gold Talked to Willey and Broaddrick back in February fwiw

We should all hope Trump will concede as any other candidate. FWIW, Ivanka told me he absolutely would--100%--if he lost. 2/2

Gronk arrives. FWIW his bag is packed outside his locker.

.@DavidCayJ FWIW, Alt-right is a specific subset of the right-wing fringe world. 12+ yrs ago, we'd have called them South Park Republicans.

So Hamilton Mixtape is pretty amazing fwiw

Anthony Davis said at shootaround that his back is "fine" and he's good to go tonight. Jrue Holiday, FWIW, is officially listed as "out."

#pt Also, fwiw an "expeditionary advising package" is pretty much just US troops on an outpost so the ANSF get a confidence boost.

And, fwiw, I doubt Don, Jr, has ever negotiated a billion-dollar deal in his life.

The Bryce Harper surgery watch is the next big Nats thing, fwiw.


Most popular questions

What does FWIW stand for?

FWIW stands for "For What It's Worth"

How to abbreviate "For What It's Worth"?

"For What It's Worth" can be abbreviated as FWIW

What is the meaning of FWIW abbreviation?

The meaning of FWIW abbreviation is "For What It's Worth"

What does FWIW mean?

FWIW as abbreviation means "For What It's Worth"

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