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What does FYI mean? It stands for For Your Information

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hey just fyi regardless of what happens tonight... you & your sexuality/race/religion/gender are valid & worthy of respect

Just FYI: At current count, Hillary Clinton won more than half of the popular vote. In other words, the majority of voters in USA chose her.

Trump has chosen a Neo-Nazi (Steve Bannon) & a KKK sympathizer (Jeff Sessions). An FYI to the folks that keep asking us to give'm a chance.

When you realize there is no #Pll till April ( @tylerjblackburn edit is better FYI)

Little Haiti is not the country Haiti. FYI. #Debate

Dear Dems: After Sessions' vote, I'll publish a piece called "Here are the Democrats who voted to put a racist in charge of DOJ." Just FYI.

Hilary's paid online troll army got #LaueringTheBar going. Super Pac admits paying millions to troll and promote hashtags FYI.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (which is calling Steve Bannon a "white nationalist") also called Ben Carson a "right wing extremist." FYI.

WOW. Memory lane! FYI @BuzzFeed #15 is not accurate. I'd graduated already. And WHOA! How did I not know about #33??

Global temperatures have been above average for 382 months in a row. Just FYI.

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Canada's immigration site has crashed. FYI. #ElectionNight

I made a video explaining everything fyi


ESPN gonna MSNBC whenever ESPN can MSNBC. (FYI, Cam said no).

This guy's infrastructure bill may not be entirely on the level, FYI

this is *exactly* what happened during brexit, fyi.

I don't think Bernie would've won. FYI.

You likely paid more for your cell phone than I did for my vest, FYI. Be mad, tho. & Bless up.

I'll be streaming today, hope you all are down to come hang out! Sub only mode will be in effect for a while FYI


Most popular questions

What does FYI stand for?

FYI stands for "For Your Information"

How to abbreviate "For Your Information"?

"For Your Information" can be abbreviated as FYI

What is the meaning of FYI abbreviation?

The meaning of FYI abbreviation is "For Your Information"

What does FYI mean?

FYI as abbreviation means "For Your Information"

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