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What does IRL mean? It stands for In Real Life

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Tampa resident Steve Calkins doing some IRL trolling at the Trump rally this morning

Daily reminder that an actual person IRL pulled her pants down and emphatically declared to me that spandex was a right not a privilege.

kanye is a genius who occasionally does irl clickbait n then idiots gets buttmad as hell. this is a dumb cycle. idk im gonna eat cereal

me_irl (via @reddit)

It is simply untrue that the federal level doesn't affect everyday people. ACA, Marriage, Roe v Wade and EVERY cabinet sec. affect us IRL.

Watch: @RubyRose Takes IRL Romance to the Screen in New @TheVeronicas Music Video

Can someone explain to me how so many people think this horrible person can actually lead the United States? This is a nightmare IRL.

Men. Your homework tonight. Read this. Then read the COMMENTS. Then don't bother tweeting ME - go talk to men IRL.

Here we go... 3' to go... it's IRL 40 NZL 29! Yes that's right... #IREvNZL

me irl

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if you're a white dude shocked, shocked by the existence of sexism and racism right now i will block you on here and IRL, forever.

Harry Potter fans believe this millennial Trump voter is IRL Draco Malfoy

THIS IS COOL. That 'Overwatch Voice Cast IRL' Video Was Animated Perfectly

Lumiere! Cogsworth! Mrs. Potts! See the IRL Beauty and the Beast characters.

Get in... @ConorMurray_9 next to cross! It's IRL 25 NZL 8 after Johnny's conversion on 34' #NZLvIRE

Brooklyn art exhibit "Fatter IRL" shows how the art world is letting fat women down

It's like a switch was turned on - @AllBlacks respond with 2 converted tries IRL 30 NZL 22 after 56' #IREvNZL

Here's my new story in Deadspin, most easily described as IRL Burn After Reading

This beautiful short film imagines Studio Ghibli characters IRL:


Most popular questions

What does IRL stand for?

IRL stands for "In Real Life"

How to abbreviate "In Real Life"?

"In Real Life" can be abbreviated as IRL

What is the meaning of IRL abbreviation?

The meaning of IRL abbreviation is "In Real Life"

What does IRL mean?

IRL as abbreviation means "In Real Life"

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