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What does OTC mean? It stands for Over The Counter (medications not requiring a prescription)

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Kratom is an OTC herb that helps people go off opiates. That costs Big Pharma $$$. Obama made it illega. #IamKratom

Besides 3 mistakes, BJP govt has another issue: it has too many bachelors who didn't realise this was marriage season! @yogrishiramdev #OTC

Only @narendramodi had courage for #Demonetisation. Govt has made some mistakes in implementing but intention is good @yogrishiramdev #OTC

When I started campaign for #demonetisation ppl laughed at me. Later they all agreed, incl Dr Manmohan Singh & Pranabda @yogrishiramdev #OTC

He's right. More medications should be OTC.

.@yogrishiramdev - A lot of people in the BJP are unmarried so didn't even find out that this is the wedding season, another mistake #OTC

Tough reform on. Cabinet clears selling chronic PSU loss-makers identified by Niti Ayog. @APanagariya talked abt this at our Mumbai #OTC

A very energy-filled and lively #OTC with @yogrishiramdev, @chetan_bhagat &@shekhargupta comes to an end.

Govt's 3 errors on #Demonetisation : not getting Rs 3-4 lakh new notes ready, not changing ATMs & not alerting banks @yogrishiramdev #OTC

.@yogrishiramdev - I support #DonaldTrump since he is against religious terrorism & because of his views on outsiders taking away jobs #OTC

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.@yogrishiramdev - Patanjali will be the biggest FMCG company in the country within the next two years #OTC

.@yogrishiramdev on #DeMonetisation - This will put an end to counterfeit currency which was coming from Pakistan & aiding terrorism #OTC

I don't consider gays criminal. I don't detest them, I love them like other human beings @yogrishiramdev to @chetan_bhagat on Sec 377 #OTC

.@yogrishiramdev says homosexuals should not be treated as criminals #OTC #Section377

5 signs you need a prescription acne treatment instead of the OTC stuff:

Catch up on the #TeamUSA action & take a look inside the Athlete Dining Hall for Pad Thai Tuesday (yum!) at the OTC!

Nearly 1/3 who went to OTC last year didn't show up this week. Worst attendance since financial crisis, @jdblum23

Klara Bowman report states she was at least 5X legal limit for DUI while in kindergarten class. Also had OTC drugs

@jason_otc Moving? Uh, no


Most popular questions

What does OTC stand for?

OTC stands for "Over The Counter (medications not requiring a prescription)"

How to abbreviate "Over The Counter (medications not requiring a prescription)"?

"Over The Counter (medications not requiring a prescription)" can be abbreviated as OTC

What is the meaning of OTC abbreviation?

The meaning of OTC abbreviation is "Over The Counter (medications not requiring a prescription)"

What does OTC mean?

OTC as abbreviation means "Over The Counter (medications not requiring a prescription)"

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