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What does SSL mean? It stands for Secure Socket Layer

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In the era of free SSL certificates padlocks (which we taught users means secure) are useless. 10k hits on this scam

We're proud to now offer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for all custom domains on Squarespace.

Hall of shame? Here are the popular websites that haven't switched to HTTPS yet - #shame #ssl #its2016 #getonwithit

Between incompetence in issuing bogus SSL certs and the failure to revoke, Wosign should get the CA nuclear option.

Did you know you can use @docker to generate SSL certificates? Find out how on @codefresh's blog

Introducing Dedicated SSL Certificates

Announcing new, stricter, SSL Labs requirements for 2017 #ssllabs #grading

Zertifizierungsstellen: WoSign und StartCom verlieren Apples und Mozillas Vertrauen #SSL #Mozilla

@letsencrypt is 20% to its 200k goal. Visit and donate. Your support makes @letsencrypt possible. #ssl #charity

Got the SSL issues fixed. Preparing to roll out a new, responsive theme in the very near future. Should be much more streamlined, simple

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Techie update: Get your site SSL certified. Google will flag sites that collect data like passwords and CC info that aren't in 2017

Mozilla has decided how to respond to WoSign and StartCom miss-issuance - #ssl #webpki

Don't get fooled by #phishing sites - always check for our EV #SSL certificate in your browser. Here's how:

Qualys announce grading changes for @ssllabs in 2017!

GSL X SSL = Cross Finals 2 Live in 15.

@letsencrypt runs a very lean organization, no other CA has an operating cost structure so low. Donate - #ssl

The spike is Squarespace turning on SSL for millions of domains. So cool!

BGN is now SSL certified!

Comodo really is just a great company - CA @Comodo_SSL used broken OCR and issued certificates to the wrong people.


Most popular questions

What does SSL stand for?

SSL stands for "Secure Socket Layer"

How to abbreviate "Secure Socket Layer"?

"Secure Socket Layer" can be abbreviated as SSL

What is the meaning of SSL abbreviation?

The meaning of SSL abbreviation is "Secure Socket Layer"

What does SSL mean?

SSL as abbreviation means "Secure Socket Layer"

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