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What does EFT mean? It stands for Electronic Funds Transfer

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In my bank account, with an EFT.

The point is clear: the only Blesser is the above. Being asked for a picture can't be blessing.... It's not EFT

Too much news today but tomorrow the DfE publishes its new academy chain league tables: Ark (!) and Outwood do well; UCAT and EFT do badly

LA stands for *L*eft turns? *A*hhhahahaha

Reports of widespread issues with EFT across Perth this AM. A number of service stations and Taxis reporting problems #perthnews #carrycash

Cheque and EFT services are BACK! You can now make / receive EFT & cheque payments on your account #YouMatter

Chase Bank resumes RTGS, EFT, Agency Banking, Trade Finance, Foreign Exchange transactions and cheque clearance operations.

EVERY media outlet has it WRONG. @BernieSanders has cut the pledged delegate lead down to 194. 1,674 delegates eft

I am now taking odds on whether Notley is about to tell the federal NDP to eft off at 12:45. #ableg #yeg2016

To those asking will it be credit card or EFT, I dont think JZ is going to struggle for money..

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Most popular questions

What does EFT stand for?

EFT stands for "Electronic Funds Transfer"

How to abbreviate "Electronic Funds Transfer"?

"Electronic Funds Transfer" can be abbreviated as EFT

What is the meaning of EFT abbreviation?

The meaning of EFT abbreviation is "Electronic Funds Transfer"

What does EFT mean?

EFT as abbreviation means "Electronic Funds Transfer"

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