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What does ROTFL mean? It stands for Roll On The Floor Laughing

Comments having ROTFL

Modi Ji and Donald Trump make the perfect Mutual Admiration Society. Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar is the joke of the century. #ROTFL!

BJP's contribution to #Yoga is introducing #ROTFL pose, courtesy their constant silly comments and behavior.

#JumlaMaharaj Ki nautanki! ROTFL!

Ha ha !!! This one will make you ROTFL ! And it is truly sardonic. @tomynow

.@realDonaldTrump this tweet is what the kids call #ROTFL. - Jayne #WarrenTrumpsDonald @SenWarren

Every #Jumla of #BhrastacharJantaParty now evokes derisive laughter: #NaKhaungaNaKhaneDunga is India's #ROTFL topper

.@iamsrk chatted with his fans and his answers had us ROTFL

:-)). Someone pass the ......... Coffee around please! #ROTFL

LOL, So they hijacked Black Lives Matter in another country in order to use it to protest climate change! ROTFL

Lah iya lebih sedih Tinta yang tak terbalas wkwkwk *rotfl*

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The most dishonest politician in history - Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump wants to #DrainTheSwamp - he lies more than DICK CHENEY !!! ROTFL

#ROTFL because #YoungandHungry begins now!

#AuntyNational has to be the blockbuster pun of 2016 so far. ROTFL ! Hilarious!

Ha ha ! ROTFL !

Whoever comes up with these hilarious videos, you guys are insanely funny. Have a ROTFL moment, guys. :-)))

This one is a ROTFL master-piece! Serious ! Even #ModiToadies will be chuckling at this one. :-))))))

Ever since the Congress party has stopped appearing on the moronic TV channel of #StarAnchorModiChamcha, his head has becomes empty. #ROTFL

I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. ROTFL but really in a bed giggling

ON @CNBC_Awaaz I quote Labor Bureau:Only 1.35 lac jobs against promised 225 lacs. BJP Spokie: That's a lie! Anchor: No, it's correct! #ROTFL


Most popular questions

What does ROTFL stand for?

ROTFL stands for "Roll On The Floor Laughing"

How to abbreviate "Roll On The Floor Laughing"?

"Roll On The Floor Laughing" can be abbreviated as ROTFL

What is the meaning of ROTFL abbreviation?

The meaning of ROTFL abbreviation is "Roll On The Floor Laughing"

What does ROTFL mean?

ROTFL as abbreviation means "Roll On The Floor Laughing"

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