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What does FDA mean? It stands for Food Drug Administration

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Conflict of interest? The current FDA commissioner appointed by President Obama was a highly paid consultant for Big Pharma. #RevolvingDoor

ICYMI: A dog food recall. Trump wants to abolish that part of FDA, protect a business's right to poison your dog

After today's dog food recall: Trump wants to abolish that part of FDA, protect business's right to poison your dog

The FDA banned triclosan from soaps. But you can you still find it in your toothpaste.

In case you missed it: FDA is halting the excessive use of anti-bacterial soaps

Obama's FDA targets cigar industry with draconian REGULATION Don't have to be cigar aficionado to appreciate story

The FDA approved a food-ejecting tube. Some consider it medically-sanctioned bulimia. via @nytopinion

BREAKING: For FDA and Dept. of Education, Trump selects Chef Boyardee, Mavis Beacon

Why doesn't the @US_FDA do this? @NatureNews by @alison_c_abbott

Peter Thiel is reportedly help staff science and tech positions in the Trump administration, including FDA:

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The FDA Wants To Make It Harder To Buy And Sell Poop, @NidhiSubs reports:

The FDA has finally banned antibacterial soaps

BREAKING: FDA warns against ovarian cancer tests, saying they're unreliable:

Get ready for the bar for FDA approval to hit an all-time low.

The FDA says foodmakers can decide which additives are safe

.@sanofipasteur to stop #BCG production mid-2017. Working w/FDA & others to understand impact on #bladdercancer community.

Invention sealing a gunshot wound within 20 seconds is now FDA-approved! #digitalhealth

"Railroading at the @US_FDA": a succinct post-mortem of the muscular dystrophy drug approval

Are Zika-fight genetically engineered mosquitoes risk free? "No significant impact": @US_FDA


Most popular questions

What does FDA stand for?

FDA stands for "Food Drug Administration"

How to abbreviate "Food Drug Administration"?

"Food Drug Administration" can be abbreviated as FDA

What is the meaning of FDA abbreviation?

The meaning of FDA abbreviation is "Food Drug Administration"

What does FDA mean?

FDA as abbreviation means "Food Drug Administration"

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