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What does PM mean? It stands for Private Message

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Tonight at 10 PM ET, 7 PM PT, on @FoxNews, a one hour special on me and my life by @HarveyLevinTMZ. Enjoy!

I know the forces up against me, they may not let me live,they may ruin me because their loot of 70 years is in trouble, but am prepared: PM

Japanese offended today. Trump letting his non-gov daughter attend meeting with Japanese PM considered a tremendous breach of protocol.

I salute each & every Indian. Many families had weddings, health problems...yes they faced inconvenience but they accepted the decision: PM

A new fashion has developed in India. A student or a film person can put a question or speak against PM without any logic to get into news.

Per @FoxNews, the 1 hour special tonight by @HarveyLevinTMZ at 10 PM ET, 7 PM PT, features a side of me "that has rarely been seen before."

Earlier today, travelled to Kobe with PM @AbeShinzo on board the Shinkansen bullet train.

Watch PM @narendramodi in conversation with David Letterman on climate change & many more issues at 10pm tonight.

One Q for the PM: How is replacing 1000 rs notes with 2000 rs notes going to make black money hoarding a lot harder? #Modilogic

autowalla agreed to take my last notes, far less than usual fare. says he loves PM Modi "too much" and #demonetisation pain is worth it

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Why Ivanka Trump sitting in on that meeting with Japan's PM is a big no-no: It's mixing business with diplomacy

He lied about Ford, Muslim Registry, had daughter at Japan PM meeting. No: we do NOT have to give Trump "a chance"

My links with the Railways is strong. My childhood was spent on rail platforms. That is all the more reason I want to transform railways: PM

Brought daughter to meeting with Japan PM. Lied about Ford, Muslim Registry. STOP PRETENDING WE CAN WORK WITH TRUMP

Iraqi PM announces start of military offensive to retake country's second city, Mosul, from Islamic State group

HOY Lunes 7 pm EN VIVO sobre la #TomaDeVenezuela por nuestras redes y @RCR750 #PreguntaCapriles Llamadas 212-4829750

Today PM @narendramodi also visited Chango village, interacted with citizens and took part in Diwali celebrations.

Modi has done a right thing: Mauritius PM on demonetisation NMApp

We are not a government whose work stops at laying foundation stones. It is ensured that the projects are also completed: PM @narendramodi


Most popular questions

What does PM stand for?

PM stands for "Private Message"

How to abbreviate "Private Message"?

"Private Message" can be abbreviated as PM

What is the meaning of PM abbreviation?

The meaning of PM abbreviation is "Private Message"

What does PM mean?

PM as abbreviation means "Private Message"

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