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What does SYS mean? It stands for See You Soon

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@screamau ase mucho q no ponias tuits kursis sys you know what I mean

yg tdk termasuk sistem proses menyalakan (booting) PC jadul: a. autoexec .bat, b. binary .com, c. config .sys | #tupathore 20/6 goes jadul!

@screamau #sys

Trump response re tax sys: I'm "the only one that knows how to fix it." But his plan just cuts taxes for rich without closing his loophole.

We looked at Bloomberg's claim that Trump 'gamed' the U.S. visa system, and say Mostly True. #DemsInPhilly

.@TVMohandasPai If we don't change our education sys, by 2030 we will have largest number of illiterates, semi-literates, stone throwers :)

.@SenatorReid: "Would be educational for the country to have some hearings on the Electoral College system."

Sakinaka team tried to mk money exchange process comfortable for Citizens by facilitating & coordinating a token sys

FOP + others specifically perverted "due process" to create a shadow justice sys. where police avoid accountability.

Centralize your sys log for analysis with Elasticsearch with this guide

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.@crispinbluntmp sys if UK stops selling Saudis laser guided bombs they might buy less accurate bombs and cause more civil deaths #newsnight

[whitepaper] Driving #DigitalTransformation | @CloudExpo @IBMSystems #IoT

Chaining queries to execute SQL as SYS from SQL injection in web apps built on eBusiness Suite

I really like the idea of Warren Buffets two-list goal prioritisation system

I'm distrustful of most devel orgs @BEAYAHUS. I know w/ certainty Clinton Foundation rebuilt Rwandan healthcare sys.

In Odisha I3MS sys benefitted 17 mining cos and caused a loss of 659cr to state govt.Hope CM takes loss 9k cr

@yelyahwilliams @gooddyeyoung I'm so tempted to mix SYS with a lil Riot for a warm yellow but I'm SO CHICKEN. Tell me to do it.

Big congrats to startup of the year, @WinnowSolutions and to runner up in the category, @Guru_Sys. Have a great night! #GSBA2016

NI border tricky for Brexiters. Villiers sys it wd stay open while other borders tightened. Bit like bolting front door + leaving back open?


Most popular questions

What does SYS stand for?

SYS stands for "See You Soon"

How to abbreviate "See You Soon"?

"See You Soon" can be abbreviated as SYS

What is the meaning of SYS abbreviation?

The meaning of SYS abbreviation is "See You Soon"

What does SYS mean?

SYS as abbreviation means "See You Soon"

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