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What does URL mean? It stands for Universal Resource Locator

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...The URL to access the video will be notified on our official Twitter account when the time comes... [2/3]

Don't be nervous! Just make sure URL is

"Outdated URL." I build websites bro. You pulled article in a panic, got busted! #SpiritCooking

Fun with URL hacking.

No big deal. Just the URL of a site I built on the side of a plane. Nothing to see here.

Only 1 hour to go until we have @onedirections very own @NiallOfficial on the show, click the URL to listen!

You can watch Shri @AmitShah speak live on @BJP4India's Facebook link. URL: #DDU100Years

.@CaulfieldTim won top Canadian science book prize for debunking celebs' health advice. Why he does it: (fixed URL)

.@luckybsmith and @haileybaldwin lend @TommyHilfiger's new campaign URL star power:

Google is improving the fastest in perception around design -- faster than Apple. Short URL:

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Kid asked me to buy him a PS4. I hope he enjoys my April Fool's humor. (Note, the URL redirects to MeatSpin.)

This URL/SMACC ERA is when battle rap became WORLD wide

LEO union rep was kind enough to assemble all the bad arguments made by police groups at one URL.

Guess what? URL shorteners short-circuit cloud security by @thepacketrat

Shortening a URL could expose your personal data

You guys request a lot of Steven Universe art on stream. This was a Lapis. Thursday 2pm URL something.

This is the only way you can hear our new song tomorrow. The URL will be

Catch the live webcast of Chennai Election Public Meeting from the following URL

Simplify link creation with campaign parameters by using GA Campaign URL: /via @outfox_intel


Most popular questions

What does URL stand for?

URL stands for "Universal Resource Locator"

How to abbreviate "Universal Resource Locator"?

"Universal Resource Locator" can be abbreviated as URL

What is the meaning of URL abbreviation?

The meaning of URL abbreviation is "Universal Resource Locator"

What does URL mean?

URL as abbreviation means "Universal Resource Locator"

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