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What does OTOH mean? It stands for On The Other Hand

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Trumpsphere & Wikileaks is deliberately misreporting from Podesta hack. A lot of mass media, otoh, just being lazy & unreflective.

Four debates, zero climate change questions. Emails OTOH...

Polls-Only gives Trump a 15.3% chance of winning. OTOH, that's roughly your chances of losing at Russian Roulette.

Anything involving "50 miles outside Barstow when the drugs kicked in," otoh, is worth pursuing.

Trump's foundation, OTOH, lacks even the basic certificate to operate legally

Don't mean to inject an "OTOH" note, but based on the past, don't we need more than one day to test the theory?

And TBC I reject Trumpism in principle. I know that he played one group of people off another. But OTOH I think Obama did the same thing.

Good for Mark Cuban. OTOH there were a lot of people at RNC-CLE who were lapping it up.

Trump called the press "the lowest form of life" today. Possibly, but OTOH I got through this tweet without lying, so maybe second lowest?

i would be EXTREMELY surprised OTOH if not-quite-snopes-false-but-obviously-uninterested-in-the-truth news didn't outshare everything

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This, OTOH, is a real Clinton problem in Haiti: Grossly overlapping layers of power and interests (via @ABC)

It's wrong to drop this just 4 days before an election, OTOH, everyone was warned about this years in advance:

This, OTOH, is incredible.

2. OTOH, in addition to defense-of-norms, main reason for Obama not to fire Comey is that Trump would name successor.

Yes! OTOH, knowledge that Rubio is a craven panderer could have taken the sting out of it.

JFK should get some credit for putting a man on the moon. OTOH, as @IraStoll argues, JFK would have been a conservative today #RNCinCLE

On an electoral level, OTOH, mandate is clear; Trump took 306 EVs, flipped four traditionally blue states.

Outside spending against Clinton, otoh, has been much smaller so far:

@jvgraz I've lost all confidence in @TheDemocrats. Its leadership are abusive corporate monsters. OTOH, #GreenParty is not gaining traction.


Most popular questions

What does OTOH stand for?

OTOH stands for "On The Other Hand"

How to abbreviate "On The Other Hand"?

"On The Other Hand" can be abbreviated as OTOH

What is the meaning of OTOH abbreviation?

The meaning of OTOH abbreviation is "On The Other Hand"

What does OTOH mean?

OTOH as abbreviation means "On The Other Hand"

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