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What does BOT mean? It stands for Back on Topic

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The Biggest Bot World League Round 11 Fail EVER

Ok that's not gonna work. How do I get a bot to come through with some snapchat spectacles?

hi everyone, i made a quick bot for myself with tiny actionable self-care reminders bc i've been obsessively on twitter lately: @tinycarebot

You know you're on the side of the angels when the Aryan Teen Trump Bot is consistently your first replier

Bankkunden lassen sterbenden Mann liegen - und heben Geld ab (bot)

On the topic of fake news, got a look at Oxford research on twitter bot networks and the findings were fascinating.

Don't be swayed by a bot during #election2016.

This self-care Twitter bot makes the Internet a healthier place

Facebook opens analytics and FbStart to Messenger's 34,000 bot developers by @ingridlunden

A Democratic Party-programmed bot --in one single tweet

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How the bot-y politic influenced #election2016.

FP3 completed at COTA. Jenson P9, Fernando P10. VES P1, followed by RIC, RAI, HAM, ROS, VET, HUL, BOT, Jenson, Fernando. #USGP

Checo confirma el P7 en el Campeonato de Pilotos #F1 1 ROS 367 2 HAM 355 3 RIC 246 4 VET 197 5 VER 192 6 RAI 178 7 PER 97 8 BOT 85 9 HUL 66

For the new NBA season I created a bot called @dogpassalert to crowdsource awareness of halftime dogs on NBA League Pass

Stop arguing with Comcast and let this bot negotiate for you

Facebook launches analytics dashboard to track Messenger bot performance by @kharijohnson

According to #channel4news up to ONE THIRD of all twitter pro-Trump activity, originates from Russian or Russian-bot-taken-over accounts.

Bank of America unveils an AI-powered bot to help customers with their personal finances by @kharijohnson

The 'arrest' image that just went viral is fake, and it originates from a pro-Trump bot


Most popular questions

What does BOT stand for?

BOT stands for "Back on Topic"

How to abbreviate "Back on Topic"?

"Back on Topic" can be abbreviated as BOT

What is the meaning of BOT abbreviation?

The meaning of BOT abbreviation is "Back on Topic"

What does BOT mean?

BOT as abbreviation means "Back on Topic"

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