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What does TTYL mean? It stands for Talk To You Later (Internet Slang)

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10:30 already? I gotta get in my clown costume and scare people! ttyl


gotta get ready and go to rehearsal for this AMA Radio Row Performance TTYL

Well I just threw a tsunami of good vibes at your face so ttyl enjoy

facebook: you realize you're basically already dead me: yes i know FB: cuz that was the point i was tryi me: no i got it FB: k ttyl

Stumped: How well do you know your acronyms? TPP, NAFTA, NATO - and TTYL.

Landed after a long day if traveling back from Mexico. Excuse me while I go get some sleep. TTYL

Landed after a long day of traveling back from Mexico. Excuse me while I go get some sleep. TTYL

Lol my night literally is completely ruined now ... rip . Bye ttyl

Please stop tweeting me! I am busy reading, and studying about stuff most of you wouldn't understand anyway! So ttyl!

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Bye guys ttyl in like 13 hours kill me AHHHHHH THESE SEATS ARE SMALL

Gotta run, pals! Another #GOPDebate is o-v-e-r. TTYL, @mattiekahn

@IGN No, no. It's not you, we just have other...things...to...do...for a bit. Gotta run! TTYL

Thanks @Snapchat for the second filter after the update it really makes us look better than we actually do thnx ttyl

Just met a Scientologist. Wow what a dopey religion. Anyway, gotta go pour a glass of wine for Elijah the Passover Ghost Prophet now. Ttyl.

@CoachJim4UM hey buddy we got your back with @finebaum today, anyway hope everything is good ttyl

i officially have gray hairs, ones you can see. gray hairs. cool ttyl

My favorite #Spidey scene @theramonperez & I worked on in '14. Hope you like it. :) Off to write today's plot. ttyl!

I gotta go! I am off to do an interview with fellow Aryan brother @Nero to help raise awareness for our white youth. TTYL!


Most popular questions

What does TTYL stand for?

TTYL stands for "Talk To You Later (Internet Slang)"

How to abbreviate "Talk To You Later (Internet Slang)"?

"Talk To You Later (Internet Slang)" can be abbreviated as TTYL

What is the meaning of TTYL abbreviation?

The meaning of TTYL abbreviation is "Talk To You Later (Internet Slang)"

What does TTYL mean?

TTYL as abbreviation means "Talk To You Later (Internet Slang)"

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