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What does J/K mean? It stands for Just Kidding

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@Jankoslol @G2Perkz says the guy that had alcohol problems with his buddy and was 'sick' half of the split and /ffed to Amazing-Spirit, j/k

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they take their coffee or tea! J/K I'm a coldhearted monster I just like things sweet

Don Lemon just slapped the stupid off Cory Lewandowski's face on CNN. (J/K - his face is still stupid)

@BleacherNation It's been real dusty around you lately, Brett. J/K. #FlyTheW

di Ngabubur-IT nanti, selaen saling bagi ilmu, mimin jg akan nyanyi. kalo mimin lupa, tagih aja! hihihi... j/k info:

"Countless Screaming Argonauts would be a good name for a TMBG cover band" is a thought I had yesterday J/K I've had it like 20 times

Wajarkah tindakan J/K Pengurusan Bersama Apartmen Waja gantung kain rentang bertulis "Say No To African People"?

Every time Trump opens his mouth he draws from a hat marked "stupid" and a hat marked "evil." WHICH WILL IT BE TODAY? J/k it's always both.

Where did u hide the money? J/k I would actually apologize for not making more attempts to spend time with her.

Frank Kaminsky walked into the media room and sat down. "I'm Nigel Hayes and I'm here to take your questions...J/k!" And then he left.

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That feeling when u want to rush out of theater to tweet #Scandal and director wants to give notes... (j/k John)

@dirtyprettyart right. all im saying is put some respeck on my name and ill do the same. hahahahahaha j/k

What a day! Going to church and then enjoying #OpeningDay of baseball (j/k - I'm a Jew who doesn't get baseball)

As the end of the semester approaches, remember, cruises make fine graduation presents. For yourself. The kid needs to get a job. j/k.

I think you are really good @Perkzlol AW j/k just april fools, ur fk bad ;)

- British slang: "johny" = condom; "beeb" = BBC (UK state TV); "fit up" = set up; "j/k" = "just kidding" . Timeline:


Most popular questions

What does J/K stand for?

J/K stands for "Just Kidding"

How to abbreviate "Just Kidding"?

"Just Kidding" can be abbreviated as J/K

What is the meaning of J/K abbreviation?

The meaning of J/K abbreviation is "Just Kidding"

What does J/K mean?

J/K as abbreviation means "Just Kidding"

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