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What does J/K mean? It stands for Just Kidding

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@Jankoslol @G2Perkz says the guy that had alcohol problems with his buddy and was 'sick' half of the split and /ffed to Amazing-Spirit, j/k

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they take their coffee or tea! J/K I'm a coldhearted monster I just like things sweet

Don Lemon just slapped the stupid off Cory Lewandowski's face on CNN. (J/K - his face is still stupid)

@BleacherNation It's been real dusty around you lately, Brett. J/K. #FlyTheW

"Countless Screaming Argonauts would be a good name for a TMBG cover band" is a thought I had yesterday J/K I've had it like 20 times

di Ngabubur-IT nanti, selaen saling bagi ilmu, mimin jg akan nyanyi. kalo mimin lupa, tagih aja! hihihi... j/k info:

Wajarkah tindakan J/K Pengurusan Bersama Apartmen Waja gantung kain rentang bertulis "Say No To African People"?

Every time Trump opens his mouth he draws from a hat marked "stupid" and a hat marked "evil." WHICH WILL IT BE TODAY? J/k it's always both.

- British slang: "johny" = condom; "beeb" = BBC (UK state TV); "fit up" = set up; "j/k" = "just kidding" . Timeline:

I think you are really good @Perkzlol AW j/k just april fools, ur fk bad ;)

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What a day! Going to church and then enjoying #OpeningDay of baseball (j/k - I'm a Jew who doesn't get baseball)

@dirtyprettyart right. all im saying is put some respeck on my name and ill do the same. hahahahahaha j/k

That feeling when u want to rush out of theater to tweet #Scandal and director wants to give notes... (j/k John)

Nooooooo! (J/K) #RIPHarrysHair

Frank Kaminsky walked into the media room and sat down. "I'm Nigel Hayes and I'm here to take your questions...J/k!" And then he left.

Where did u hide the money? J/k I would actually apologize for not making more attempts to spend time with her.


Most popular questions

What does J/K stand for?

J/K stands for "Just Kidding"

How to abbreviate "Just Kidding"?

"Just Kidding" can be abbreviated as J/K

What is the meaning of J/K abbreviation?

The meaning of J/K abbreviation is "Just Kidding"

What does J/K mean?

J/K as abbreviation means "Just Kidding"

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