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What does JMO mean? It stands for Just My Opinion

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.@jmo_row_15 puts #TFC on the board at @BMOField. #TFCLive #TORvCHI

#Oncers we know it was dedication from all fans & shippers for JMO. Clan #Outlander better prepare #TVChampion

It's 2-2 in Orlando. @OsoJ92, Seba and @jmo_row_15 combine to tie it up. #TFCLive #ORLvTOR

Seba with the pass and @jmo_row_15 with the finish. Reds lead 1-0. #TFCLive #TORvCHI

That wasn't our intention at all #CaptainSwan voters! WE <3 playing #TVChampion with you & know you're also Team JMO

HT - #TFC leads 1-0 following @jmo_row_15''s strike in the ninth minute. #TFCLive #TORvCHI

Catch @JustJMo in studio @michiganinsider talking about #STEM program, @jmo_foundation and how you can help #GoBlue

Quanti RT per la nostra fantastica Emma? #ABCStudiosIT #CeraUnaVoltaIT #OUAT #ONCE #UglyDucklings #JMo

@SlyFoxHound I know others are still having fun with it and thats cool, but I cant help to blame all the things they changed! JMO!

Pre drinks. @Giles_VE @Jmo_VE

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It's not hard to respect the game and still have fun on the field! #JMO @IntentionalTalk @ChrisRose @KMillar15

Who is coming to @WizardWorld in Las Vegas this weekend to hang with Jmo & I ?

My mistake Jmo isn't at this one but see below who is.

happy birthday, @jenmorrisonlive!!! #JMo xoxo

#A41 Feature Coming Next Week: @jmo_row_15 says goodbye one last time before the Reds head home May 7 #redsontheroad

Rather than gripe that the meteorologists "got it wrong" ... Perhaps we should be grateful OK was spared the wrath of Mother Nature #JMO


Most popular questions

What does JMO stand for?

JMO stands for "Just My Opinion"

How to abbreviate "Just My Opinion"?

"Just My Opinion" can be abbreviated as JMO

What is the meaning of JMO abbreviation?

The meaning of JMO abbreviation is "Just My Opinion"

What does JMO mean?

JMO as abbreviation means "Just My Opinion"

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