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What does OJ mean? It stands for Orange Juice

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Jay Ajayi joins OJ Simpson, Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams as only NFL players with back-to-back 200-yard rush games.

Consecutive 200 yard rushing games in NFL history: OJ Simpson, Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams...Jay Ajayi.

as u weather the stresses of the day, u gotta patch up the fabric of your body w good things: mac n cheese, a post-lunch mars bar, fresh oj

Jay Ajayi became 4th player in NFL history to rush for 200 yards in consecutive games. OJ Simpson, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams did it

"If I Win It" by OJ Trump

Kush & OJ Wiz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

"Haven't seen White people this mad since the OJ verdict" #SNL

Consecutive games with 200+ yards rushing: OJ Simpson 2x Earl Campbell Ricky Williams Jay Ajayi

.@AdamZuckerCBS and @JonesN4mo sit with OJ Howard (@TheRealOjHoward) to talk Alabama football #ICF

Yes, @KatyTurNBC really does have a tranny father: She projects serious daddy issues onto Trump during interviews.

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How crazy would it be if right now in the middle of all this, somehow there was another Bronco chase with OJ Simpson?

When you hire the guy who won the OJ Simpson trial you know you need real firepower to prove you are not a conman.

He defended Bill Cosby. OJ Simpson. Sycophants of the HIGHEST degree. Look at their morals, and THEN look at Kanye now.

Here's A List Of The Best Mixtapes Ever Kush & OJ. Acid Rap. So Far Gone. No Ceilings. Best Day Ever. Dreamchasesr 3. Friday Night Lights

The final twist of #AmericanHorrorStory is #ThePeoplevOJSimpson

I'm being sent links of pokemon games like that means they are legal...OJ got away with murder, doesn't mean you will. Fan games = Not okay.

Crunchy without a doubt. And while we're at it, pulp in my OJ as well! -kw

@pterrys not according to an employee who said "I don't really like it either since it changed" as she poured the OJ from a store bottle.

'OJ: Made in America' and 'I Am Not Your Negro' Top @CinemaEyeHonors Documentary Nominations


Most popular questions

What does OJ stand for?

OJ stands for "Orange Juice"

How to abbreviate "Orange Juice"?

"Orange Juice" can be abbreviated as OJ

What is the meaning of OJ abbreviation?

The meaning of OJ abbreviation is "Orange Juice"

What does OJ mean?

OJ as abbreviation means "Orange Juice"

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