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What does OTP mean? It stands for On the Phone

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@KyleKuhns OTP

This pair is our ultimate #OTP. #ParkSeoJoon #Siwon #SheWasPretty dailykr | Tumblr

I've never had an OTP until Evan and Carly #BachelorInParadise

#HiddleChopra is my new OTP #Emmys cc: @priyankachopra @twhiddleston


Frank + Soup is my OTP. #EWDG

Pausa para o OTP passando na sua tl

#groupie #fan #crush #otp

Trump not interested in prosecuting Hillary anymore OTP confirmed.

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@rushsmith @danthive SOIS OTP.

Are you voting for @LittleMix's #Jerrie or @FifthHarmony's #Camren as your OTP?

@ReebokClassics Let's exchange shoelaces, and... yes. It's official! #OTP #WynonnaEarp

The results are in so go ahead and see if #Camren or #Jerrie win and are the BEST friend OTP

ur flawless otp circa 2012

Who is YOUR ultimate OTP in the #HarryPotter series? VOTE NOW:

Jeremy Corbyn winks at Liz Kendall from the stage. #OTP

@launcastro meu otp

Je suis un triste OTP Faucheur


Most popular questions

What does OTP stand for?

OTP stands for "On the Phone"

How to abbreviate "On the Phone"?

"On the Phone" can be abbreviated as OTP

What is the meaning of OTP abbreviation?

The meaning of OTP abbreviation is "On the Phone"

What does OTP mean?

OTP as abbreviation means "On the Phone"

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