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What does PPL mean? It stands for People

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Many ppl are like "just cuz I voted for Trump doesn't mean I'm racist/sexist." Ok, but at best, you ignored it, you overlooked it.

TO-DO LIST Item #3: Demand the Dems in Congress fight, resist &obstruct this racist sociopath who tricked millions of angry ppl 2 vote 4 him

On the bright side, since Trump was elected there's never been a better time for atheist recruiting among ppl who suspected there is no god

Trump has told folks he wants to keep doing rallies cause he enjoys ppl cheering for him. As I said many times, doesnt want 2 be president.

Folks, Russian disinformation campaign is real. Been done in 7 western countries. Ppl denying it online are useful idiots or participants.

Hey @SusanSarandon! How many of the 22 mill ppl about to lose the health insurance will u buy policies for? #NarcissiticLimousineLiberal.

Why aren't more ppl aghast that Megan Kelly sat on all these accusations abt Team Trump until after voters couldn't consider them?! #BadBiz

.@HillaryClinton .@JohnPodesta how do you speak about LOVE and PEACE when you having Satanic #SpiritCooking Y'all some sick ppl! #SICK!

Im sure ppl who bought condos in Trump Tower will be delighted they have to have background checks & go through Secret Service to go home.

You're going to see a lot of ppl who aren't at all concerned about Keith Ellison's past statements object to Jeff Sessions' past statements.

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"We didn't protest or riot when Obama won"..well Obama wasn't On tv talking abt deporting white ppl back to Caucasia or outlawing mayonnaise

A lot of ppl don't know this but the F in Weezy F Baby is actually for Foreign policy.

Why dems should be happy today: By trying to put ppl in wrong jobs, Trump is going to burn through political capital on avoidable fights.

Getting SO tired of hearing "the ppl voted for change". Actually, she won. What has to change is "we win election, they get to be president"

There are Black ppl being legally executed for simply possessing a gun.Yet armed racists in #oregonstandoff have monthlong standoffs with LE

I love how I cite things from news & Trump ppl who don't want to hear it instantly declare it's not true w/out checking. Life in the bubble.

isnt it funny that ppl were mad for 2 days about trump now no one cares anymore lmao

don't try to sell me on bernie again. my point is his sell didn't take with black folks. rather than be embarrassed, his ppl blamed us.

the gotta-see-both-sides analysis of racism makes the simplest things into great feats. like...letting ppl eat at lunch counters.


Most popular questions

What does PPL stand for?

PPL stands for "People"

How to abbreviate "People"?

"People" can be abbreviated as PPL

What is the meaning of PPL abbreviation?

The meaning of PPL abbreviation is "People"

What does PPL mean?

PPL as abbreviation means "People"

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