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What does BTW mean? It stands for By The Way

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Daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!!!Damn Ezekiel! Yo @steelers , you forgot the kid can run? And btw, Tomlin. Can we stop with the 2-pt Conv???

Just looked at tax records: btw '90 and '14, @realDonaldTrump's Foundation spent a *total* of $211 on legal fees. Works out to $8.44/yr.

new photo on IG btw if ya wanna check it out! @ MatthewEspinosa

So dope Lilly and @humblethepoet! Btw it's HARD to get people to stay completely still on a crazy red carpet...

Let's GOOOOO! You never out the Fight #Hailstate @EzekielElliott Hater BTW

wit do u say to those committing h8 crimes in ur name T: i say stop it ok T: oh btw i hired a white supremacist to be my chief strategist

8/BTW, I'm also searching for proof @realDonaldTrump was giving to charity from his own pocket, as he claimed.

Bonus song tadi, Kebun Binatang saat Hujan. Btw ini pulang" hujan beneran ya jadinya(?) hehehe take care kalian :)

Jeanine Pirro on Fox says this was nothing more than locker room talk btw two teenagers. Bush was 34. Trump was 59.

oh btw bob had a shutout tonight #MOREHUGS

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.@rankled2 Yeah good luck with that. BTW, good chance Trump will win the popular vote too. Millions more too be counted.

#alert @NYPDnews: residents on W 27 St btw 6th Av/7th Av to stay away from windows facing 27th St until they clear a suspicious package

"Here's $38 billion. Btw, we 'strongly condemn' your expansion of illegal settlements on Palestinian land." -US gov.

shocking,sad & irresponsible tho, it is still free country. voting in future can help preserve that freedom btw

Clinton really might have won college educated whites, btw. The exit polls have a weird bias on this. (And Obama '08 might have, too)

This is not true btw, but Trump campaign sure seems to threaten the press a lot

Here's that survey I referenced, btw.

Backstage interview with @YoungMAMusic / BTW this is her first time ever inside @barclayscenter #PowerHouseNYC

In 3 months, 3/4 as many executions under Duterte as lynchings of US blacks btw 1977 & 1950.


Most popular questions

What does BTW stand for?

BTW stands for "By The Way"

How to abbreviate "By The Way"?

"By The Way" can be abbreviated as BTW

What is the meaning of BTW abbreviation?

The meaning of BTW abbreviation is "By The Way"

What does BTW mean?

BTW as abbreviation means "By The Way"

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